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Low Desert Punk Review

Low Desert Punk is an app developed by Outlaw. Low Desert Punk was first published on . Low Desert Punk is accessible for Steam.

Low Desert Punk is a stoner trip in the desert on a 50s chevy pickup.

A classical hardcore arcade game where you try to beat your score over and over again, while you receive a good dose of adrenaline and fun.

Is also a "2D-top-down-psychedelic-open-world-infinite-runner-with-stoner-rock-soundtrack" for those who like labels.


You must drive to catch karma watchers and lotus flowers to clear your way on Samsara.

You must avoid karma guardians and the God's feet who want to kill you.


  • fast-paced action;
  • create combos for better score;
  • boost over enemies to smash them;
  • progressive difficult;
  • rank based on score;
  • awesome original soundtrack;
  • trippy moments to chill out.


Playing it loud using headphones is highly recommended.

Low Desert Punk

4.2 / 5

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Author: Outlaw
Size: 100 MB available space

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