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4 / 5


Maddox Games


800 MB available space

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Z.A.R. Review

Z.A.R. is an app designed by Maddox Games. Z.A.R. was first published on . The app is currently available on Steam, Other.

In 2097, the mining of minerals and other natural resources is completely automated and controlled by supercomputers. The planets that are mined for 'Iberium', an essential mineral to control pollution on Earth, are called Z.A.R.; Zones for Artificial Resources. The 'central computer' that controls all of the mining robots is hit by a meteorite and enters a frenzy. It starts building robots with weapons, intent on conquering more planets. A single soldier, Colonel Hermit, is sent to deal with this threat.

  • Explore vast, open, low-gravity terrains whilst gunning down hordes of enemies.
  • Enjoy the CD-quality audio soundtrack.
  • Destroy your enemies with a variety of weaponry.


4 / 5

Z.A.R. Logo
Author: Maddox Games
Size: 800 MB available space

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